Join Us for a Day Against Police Violence in Our Community

On January 15th, youth led groups in the South and beyond will come together to confront police violence in our communities.

We will use this day to strategize on solutions to police violence and to publicly put pressure on local decision makers to make concrete changes - whether it's requiring police officers to wear body cameras or stopping the use of military combat equipment.

We will stand up to the killings, the abuse, the profiling, the illegal stops, arrests, convictions and deportations that have devastated our communities. We must continue to stand, as young people and others have in Ferguson, against violence and oppression and for a community that respects black and brown bodies.

Stand with us on January 15th, Dr. King’s birthday, as we continue the struggle...

Day of Activities
• 9am to 5pm – anytime between these hours’ schedule an action that symbolizes opposition to Police Violence and Militarization. By our next call people should have some general ideas as to what the focus of the rallies should be.
• 5:30 to 6:30pm panel discussion - A national panel discussion will be had on police violence in the community and solutions
• 6:30 to 8:00pm host a local program. This program should be recorded/livestreamed (as well as pictures taken) for future airing