About Faith Forum

Who We Are

The Faith Forum on Middle East Policy is a network of Christian denominations and organizations working for a just peace in the Middle East.  The Faith Forum is focused primarily on Israel/Palestine but also works on issues in the broader region including Iran and Syria. 

Many organizations participating in the Faith Forum are directly engaged in humanitarian, peacebuilding, and development work in partnership with churches and social service agencies in the Middle East.  These first-hand connections enable the Faith Forum to advocate policies that promote human welfare, shared security, justice, and peace, and to broaden public support for them.

The Faith Forum represents a diversity of perspectives and provides a table where organizations identify common ground and strategies for common action.   All communications and actions undertaken through the Faith Forum represent only the positions of those organizations that specifically sign on to that particular initiative, enabling effective and respectful engagement across a range of matters where organizations wish to work together in specific ways on a shared concern.